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Allzweckreiniger aus Zitrusschalen

All-purpose citrus cleaner

All-purpose cleaners usually come in a wide variety of plastic bottles. Over time, a whole arsenal of various means accumulates and our closet is full of various colorful bottles and medications. Years ago I decided to put a stop to it. And so I looked for alternatives and came up with this super simple recipe for an all-purpose cleaner made from citrus peel. It takes just a few minutes to prepare and it cleans really well while being completely natural. So today I want to share with you the recipe for this all-purpose cleaner citrus cleaner.

Time: 5 Minutes

You need:

1 Empty glas jar with a lid
500 ml white vinegar
citrus peels

How To make the all-purpose citrus cleaner

1. Prepare Peels

One of the main ingredients for the all-purpose cleaner is citrus peel. It doesn’t matter whether the peels come from oranges, lemon, grapefruit or pomelo. Once you’ve eaten your citrus, you can use the peels for the cleaner. The bowls simply have to be filled tightly into the empty glass. It is best to use a glass as a container and not a plastic container, otherwise the acid can attack the plastic during storage.

Prepare Peels for all-purpose cleaner

2. Add vinegar

Then fill the jar with undiluted white table vinegar. If you use vinegar essence instead, dilute it 1: 4 with water. It is important that the pods are completely covered, otherwise, they can go moldy when left to be steeped.

Add vinegar to citrus peels

3. Wait and let soak

Now the mixture has to stand and steep for 2-3 weeks. You may need to add a little vinegar in between. Check every now and then that the bowls are still completely covered. If not, add a little vinegar.

Let all-purpose cleaner sit for a while

4. Pour off and use

If the vinegar has turned darker, you will know that it has pulled through enough. Now you can pour it through a fine sieve into a spray bottle. For example, you can use one of your old cleaning bottles as a spray bottle. And you’re ready to use it.

use all-purpose citrus cleaner

The all-purpose citrus cleaner has a high level of limescale dissolving power and is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. We always use it undiluted, but you can also dilute it with water if you prefer. The initial smell of vinegar when cleaning disappears after a very short time. Instead, you have shiny surfaces thanks to natural cleaning. If you still have peels left over during production, you can also create more cleaner. Otherwise, you can dispose of them in an organic waste bag made from an old newspaper.

Caution: Do not use the cleaner on natural stone floors, as it could loosen and wash out lime and other minerals from the floors. You should also be careful with silicone joints, as the high proportion of vinegar could make the joints porous.

Have you already made all-purpose citrus cleaners? How is your experience with it?

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