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Challenge: No new plastic waste for a week

Today the wasteEuropean Week of Waste Prevention starts. From 19 November to 27 November 2016, thousands of stakeholders are calling for the prevention of waste and a more responsible use of our resources. Throughout Europe, countless actions are taking place to conserve resources and to enlightenment in order to integrate a more conscious approach to our everyday lives. In my article the dangers of plastic, I have already reported the consequences of our (unconscious) consumption and the resulting plastic waste. For this reason, I’ll try to be part of the week. As soon as I’ve heard about the European Week of Waste Prevention, I was motivated to change my own habitats too. So I set myself a challenge for this week.

The goal:

I don’t want to cause new plastic waste for a week.

I’d like to test how hard it is to keep the plastic waste bag empty. Is it actually possible? What challenges are waiting for me? Is it perhaps even easier than expected? Join me. Of course, I will keep you updated on my successes and any failures.

Notes at the beginning of the challenge

I think at the beginning a few words about my starting point might be necessary. I’ve been paying attention to my diet already for several years now. 1.5 years ago I started cooking my meals mostly by myself. It’s not only cheaper, but it’s also much healthier since I’m able to influence which foods and ingredients I eat. Thus, at least I shouldn’t have a problem with avoiding packaging material by convenience food or fast food during the next week. Anyhow, I expect it to be much more difficult for other products. Nevertheless, I’m quite curious about what to expect. However, I put a restriction on the challenge: the goal clearly is not to produce NEW packaging waste. That means, goods I still have at home I will use and empty them. Consequently, it might happen that plastic waste from the previous time accumulates. This amount of garbage will not be taken into account during the result.

If you feel like participating in the week of the Waste Avoidance Week as well, look at the actions that are taking place in your area. Maybe you can join one of them. The map can be found here: http://www.wochederabfallvermeidung.de/aktionkarte/. In addition, here are 10 simple tips on how to avoid plastic waste in your everyday life.

How do you like the action? And what do you think about my challenge? Do you have any questions or topics to watch out for this week? Let me know.

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