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DIY recipes

Many cleaning and cosmetic products can be quickly and easily made by yourself. Here you will find an overview of diy recipes and instructions that you can implement within a few minutes.

  • All-purpose citrus cleaner
    All-purpose cleaners usually come in a wide variety of plastic bottles. Over time, a whole arsenal of various means accumulates and our closet is full of various colorful bottles and medications. Years ago I decided to put a stop to it. And so I looked for alternatives and came up with this super simple recipe …

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  • Organic waste bag made of old newspaper
    Already announced for a long time and asked frequently, I’ll show you today how you can fold an old newspaper into a simple organic waste bag. With a little practice, this doesn’t take a minute and saves a lot of garbage bags. We prefer the folded bag for organic waste, but it can also be …

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  • Homemade Baby Wipes
    Comon baby wipes very often contain questionable substances such as polyaminopropyl biguanide. They also create a lot of garbage. For this reason, we decided from the start to make our baby wipes ourselves. The production takes just 1 minute and we know exactly what gets on our child’s bottom. I want to share the recipe …

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