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Baby-Feuchttücher diy

Homemade Baby Wipes

Comon baby wipes very often contain questionable substances such as polyaminopropyl biguanide. They also create a lot of garbage. For this reason, we decided from the start to make our baby wipes ourselves. The production takes just 1 minute and we know exactly what gets on our child’s bottom. I want to share the recipe for the wet wipes with you today.

Time: 1 Minute

You need:

1 tblsp Organic Coconut oil or a different oil
1 Bowl
old washcloths or other cloths, we’re using bamboo cloths by Little Lamb
1 Storage box

How to

The production is super easy and takes less than a minute.

  1. Heat up the water in the kettle and pour it into the bowl.
  2. Add a tablespoon of the oil. We always use organic coconut oil, as it has a nourishing and disinfecting effect.
  3. Let the water with the oil cool down (Dependent on your storage box you might be able to skip this step. However, since we store our wet wipes in a plastic click-box, we don’t want the hot water to react with the plastic).
  4. Put your wet wipes in a suitable box. We use a click-box that we still had at home. This box is small and handy even when on the move. Additionally, nothing can leak.
  5. Pour the (cooled) water slowly over the wipes and press it in a little so that all the wet wipes are completely soaked.

The homemade baby wipes last 3-5 days. However, we usually use them within 2 days at the latest. If they start to smell rancid, be sure to put them in the laundry bucket and make new wet wipes.

After use, you can put the baby wipes in the laundry. In case you already use cloth diapers, you can throw them in there.

diy babywipes

Advantages and disadvantages of homemade baby wipes


  • the creation is super easy and fast
  • you know exactly what is on your child’s bud
  • Coconut oil in particular has a disinfecting effect in addition to its caring effect
  • you save a lot of waste & money


  • As with any baby product: depending on the baby, the skin can react differently to the oil (we never had any problems)
  • the wet wipes are (like purchased ones) cold to use

We also got a pack of normal wet wipes as a gift. We used it to clean our hands on the way – but it was enough for 1 year. From now on we only use the buttocks wipes to clean our hands on the go, that works just as well.

Do you use regular wet wipes or do you make your own as well? If so, do you have another recipe?

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