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Tüte aus alter Zeitung

Organic waste bag made of old newspaper

Already announced for a long time and asked frequently, I’ll show you today how you can fold an old newspaper into a simple organic waste bag. With a little practice, this doesn’t take a minute and saves a lot of garbage bags. We prefer the folded bag for organic waste, but it can also be used for freshly purchased fruit or vegetables. Or for the child to play outside in the garden.

Time: 1 Minute

You need:

2-3 Layers of old newspaper

The starting point

You only need 2-3 layers of an old newspaper. The more layers you use, the more stable the bag will be. At the same time, however, it becomes all the more difficult to fold the garbage bag if you use too many layers. We like to use 3 layers for folding, as this makes the bag stable enough and does not suck moisture through so quickly, but at the same time the bag is also very easy to make.

How to fold the organic waste bag

Spread out old newspaper for organic waste bags in front of you
1. Unfold 2-3 layers & place on top of each other
Fold newspaper to triangle
2. If you are practiced, skip straight to step 4. The next two steps are just a help for faster folding:
Now fold a triangle.
Fold long edge
3. Now fold the side that is now over to the right inwards. So you know exactly how much the short side has to be folded inwards later to create a square. Now unfold everything again.
fold a square
4. Now fold the short side inwards at the auxiliary crease created so that a square is created.

fold a triangle
5. Now fold the square in the diagonal right in the middle to create a triangle. Use the crease that you can already see through step 2.
fold first corner
6. Now lay the newspaper in front of you so that the longest edge is facing you. Now take one of the side corners and fold it straight over to the opposite side.
Turn around the newspaper
7. Turn around the newspaper to the other side.
Fold second corner
8. Now fold the other, remaining pointed triangle exactly like the one on the previous page, i.e. the corner will be folded to the opposite edge.
Fold top corner inside to stabiliaze organic waste bag
9. Now there are two triangles left at the top. Now take the triangle that is facing you and insert it between the two layers of newspaper above that were created by the triangle you just folded over. This ensures that the organic waste bag does not unfold again by itself.
turn around Organic waste bag made of newspaper
10. Turn around the newspaper to the other side.
Fold second top corner
11. Now fold the remaining triangle on this side just like you did on the previous side.
open up organic waste bag and use it
12. Now you can open your folded organic waste bag and press the bottom flat.

And voila, you’ve already finished folding your newsprint organic waste bag

Have you already used such an organic waste bag? Or do you have further questions? Please let me know.

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