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Nachhaltiger Adventskalender

Sustainable advent calendar

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the Advent season. But every year the new question arises: How can the Advent season be made as sustainable as possible? And what about the advent calendar anyway? Is it now completely banned? Theoretically, one could argue that the most sustainable advent calendar is not an advent calendar. In practical terms, however, there are now so many great options that you don’t have to do without this little joy. Especially with children, it is hard to imagine an Advent season without an advent calendar. But no matter whether big or small, an advent calendar delights (almost) every heart. And I’ll tell you something – mine as well. That’s why I would like to introduce you to a couple of sustainable Advent calendars today, with which you don’t have to do without this joy.

DIY advent calendar

First, there is an inexpensive but time-consuming variant: do it yourself. Especially if you tinker with materials that you are at home anyway, this is the most sustainable Advent calendar there is (if you fill it accordingly). For example, you can use empty toilet paper rolls for handicrafts, or old screw-top jars that would otherwise only end up in the trash. The advent calendar can be filled with small, sustainable gifts. A list of ideas can be found in the next point.

natural material used for crafting for sustainable advent calendar

Reusable calendar with sustainable gifts

A similar variant to a self-made calendar is an Advent calendar that can be used again every year. But this option is significantly more time-saving than tinkering yourself, so we decided on this too. There are now a large number of reusable Advent calendars: the classic one comes with small cotton bags*, with felt bags*, or a big wooden house with small drawers*, a wooden train* or socks*, to hang on a wall. The options are endless. The great thing is that this advent calendar can be filled with sustainable gifts, such as:

If you need more inspiration for sustainable gifts, check out this list of 55 sustainable gift ideas for an advent calendar. After the Advent season is over, such a calendar can simply be stowed away until the next year before it can be used again. This calendar is right at the top of our list of sustainable Advent calendars. Nonetheless, there are a lot of other variants that will follow now.

sustainable advent calendar

24 gute Taten – 24 good doings

With the “24 good doings” calendar, a guilty conscience is a thing of the past. With your donation of at least € 24 (= the purchase price of the calendar), you support a carefully selected project every day. When you open each door you can see exactly who and where you helped with the corresponding day. You can also find out about the progress of the project online. With the help of the 24 Good Deeds Advent Calendar, you can, for example, provide 3 days of drinking water for a family in Bangladesh, a bottle of special milk for a baby elephant in Zambia or protect 1 m2 of natural paradise for otters in Germany.

You can buy this calendar here

24 good doings as sustainable advent calendar


This lovingly designed advent calendar is something very special, even for discerning and critical advent calendar lovers. The Adventsome advent calendar comes in a high-quality box that can be used after the advent season. For every day there is a lovingly hand-wrapped gift in a social workshop near Cologne. In the sachet you will find 20 exciting startup products such as snacks, drinks, care products or gadgets – all sustainable, unisex and vegan. On the remaining 4 days, 4 donations for a good cause are hidden in the parcel. Even if the calendar comes with a proud 99 €, you can use it to discover many great new and above all sustainable products and make the world a little more sustainable, so it is an absolute must in our list of sustainable Advent calendars.

You can buy the Adventsome calendar here for 99€.

Adventsome sustainable advent calendar

Stop The Water While Using Me Not-Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is different than any other before. Because this sustainable Advent calendar turns the concept of classic Advent calendars on its head and questions the principle of Christmas gifts-madness oversupply, packaging flood and Co. To achieve this, the climate-neutral calendar only contains 6 doors instead of 24. Each door is filled with a high-quality cosmetic essential, all natural and vegan. For example, you will find a bamboo toothbrush, a solid shampoo or a solid soap in this advent calendar. The calendar also has other exciting surprises, tips and specials in store for the recipient so that they can start the new year 2021 fresh and sustainable. And as if that weren’t sustainable enough, every purchase donates to the global water protection project GOOD WATER PROJECTS.

You can buy this sustainable advent calendar here for 69,90€.

sustainable advent calendar by stop water while using me

Seed advent calendar

Do you know calendars from which flowers or vegetables grow? You can also find these as an advent calendar. The great thing about these advent calendars is that they give you joy far beyond the advent season. In each door there is a packet of seeds that you can plant in the garden or directly in a pot on your windowsill next year. There are many different types and variants: herbs or flowers, bee-friendly plants, seed advent calendars for children. The list is long. Well-known sustainable advent calendars for planting are:

Advent calendar Zero

This sustainable advent calendar helps you with spiritual detoxing. Every day of Advent he gives a helpful suggestion to clear out, purify and relax. This 24-day program has no calories, does not encourage consumption at any point and promotes renunciation and minimalism. But the result is still huge: In the end you are a little bit happier with yourself, that’s the goal of the advent calendar.

You can by the advent calendar Zero here* for 12,95 €.

Girls for future advent calendar

This sustainable advent calendar for girls & teens turns every day into something very special with a good deed. Instead of opening the familiar little door, you simply separate the book pages and off you go with upcycling gifts, useful bird food stars for the garden and exciting Green Friday promotions. Whether it’s a daily challenge, environmental hack or sustainable DIY as a gift – this book makes the world a better place.

You can buy this advent calendar here* for 9,99 €.

Couple time advent calendar

This advent calendar is just right for every couple, whether they have been in a relationship for years or just recently in love. The couple-time advent calendar comes with 24 moments of happiness for two adventures. Behind every day there is a lovingly designed exercise for body, heart and mind that will make you laugh, perceive or enjoy. The purpose behind it: to do something good for you as a couple and to strengthen your relationship. The advent calendar comes with a 3.20m long cord made of renewable raw material and 24 wooden clips so that it can easily be attached to the apartment. The Paarzeit boxes are produced regionally, climate-neutrally and in cooperation with funding workshops, and each box plants a tree.

You can by this calendar for more time as a couple here* for 29,90 €.

Advent calendar Stabilo Hints&Kunst

This sustainable advent calendar helps you to build in a little reflection, creativity and moments just for you during the stressful Christmas season. On the first day of the calendar you will receive a booklet which will help you to receive a creative or mindful impulse every day. The necessary pens or materials are hidden behind every single door so that you can get started right away. You will also find a digital gift behind every door. During the Advent season you can make beautiful gift bags, gift tags or decorations for Christmas Eve, so that you have everything prepared in time for Christmas without much stress and running around. So the calendar is a real joy, especially for craft enthusiasts. The calendar comes with 24 individual boxes that can be used again after the advent season. The kraft cardboard is made of recycled material and is compostable, but can later also be used as a letter and pen holder.

You can buy this advent calendar here* for 69,95 €.

sustainable advent calendar with creativity

Herrnhuter advent calendar

An advent calendar that is particularly close to my heart should not be missing from the list for sustainable advent calendars: the Herrnhuter Stern Advent Calendar. This comes from my homeland and holds a very special surprise – an original Moravian star to make yourself. This star is a Christmas star with over 160 years of tradition, which can be hung in the window when it has been assembled. The advent calendar comes with all the necessary materials, including the power supply, and is a joy for young and old. In Upper Lusatia you can see these stars in various sizes hanging in the windows and gardens. And so slowly they are spreading more and more to other regions.

You can buy this calendar here for 39,00 €.

Herrnhuter sustainable advent calendar
sustainable advent calendar from Herrnhut

Thanks to this sustainable Advent calendar, the Christmas season can be enjoyed without a guilty conscience.

How do you spend your Advent season? Are you a total advent calendar fan or do you not need anything like that at all?

The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and shop via this link, I will receive a commission from the online shop or provider concerned. For you, the price doesn’t change.

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