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Sustainable Christmas tree – simple tips for a green Christmas

Christmas counts as a celebration of love and security. But often it is also the time of excessive consumption and the resulting pollution of the environment. Gifts are bought, everything is festively decorated and a Christmas tree has to come into the house. After I have already presented you with sustainable gift ideas here and other smaller, sustainable gift ideas here, today’s focus will be on the Christmas tree. Because honestly, what is Christmas without a Christmas tree? I too can hardly imagine that, but the whole thing is also more environmentally friendly. Therefore, here are a few variations on the topic of sustainable Christmas trees.

What is the problem with traditional Christmas trees?

The usual Christmas trees are grown in monocultures, are contaminated with strong pesticides and usually have very long transport routes. We then put these chemical clubs in the room. Then they usually end up carelessly in the garbage or on the street

common christmas trees

Sustainable Christmas tree: alternatives

A plastic tree is more sustainable, isn’t it?

Unfortunately not. Although this means that a Christmas tree no longer has to be felled, many resources are used in production instead. You would have to use your tree for at least 6 years for it to be “more sustainable”. There are better alternatives.

In a pot

If you really want to have a real tree, you can borrow a tree in a pot because you can give it back after Christmas. Then it is planted. Alternatively, you can buy your own tree in a pot and then plant it in your own garden, if you have one. In the following years you will have a growing Christmas tree in your garden that you can decorate.

Fair, regional and / or organic

If the pot version is not an alternative for you, but it has to be a real tree, make sure that it is regional, fair and / or organic. Although the Nordmann fir is a popular Christmas tree, it is not recommended due to its origin. Therefore, it is better to look around for a regional tree with a corresponding seal. Organic, Naturland, Bioland and FSC are also helpful seals. There are fair Christmas trees, and Fair Trees can help you.

buy a regional christmas tree

Self made

When you’re ready to try something new, a self-made (or bought) Christmas tree is a great, sustainable option. The Internet is now full of tons of great opportunities. You can:

  • Tie different sized sticks to ropes in the shape of a tree
  • create a Christmas tree out of old fabric
  • use old wooden parts and stack them in the shape of a tree
  • Build a tree shape from wooden planks on the wall (or stand)
  • build a tree out of cardboard
  • paint a tree
  • put up a ladder and decorate it for Christmas
  • make a tree out of books

and much more. There are no limits to your creativity. A year ago we built a tree from scraps of old wood. The big advantage is that we don’t waste any additional resources; we can simply store the tree in a box and then use it again the following year. By the way, our decoration is second hand. Here are a few homemade Christmas tree ideas:

Sustainable christmas tree
Our christmas tree
tree with candle holders
homemade sustainable christmas tree
christmas tree made of cloth
wooden christmas tree
DIY christmas trees

Do you have any other sustainable Christmas tree ideas? What does your tree look like this year?

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