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The adventure starts: thoughts from the air

I’m on my first stepway to Mexico on the plane. The impressive ice masses of New Foundland are passed. Currently, we are flying to New York. I’m on my way. Mexico … Hmm. I have already reported in this article what I’ll do there. The necessary preparations for the trip have taken a lot of time. For the last ten months, I have been preparing, organizing and, above all, working a lot. Here you can read tips on how I managed to collect the necessary money in this relatively short time. Of course, I do not want to deprive you of the tips and experiences that I have gained.

Three quarter of a year of preparation … the time just flew by. And now I am sitting on the plane and can not realize yet that my adventure to Mexico starts. Most of my belongings are sold. I’ve only a few boxes left that are stored at my sisters. My job is paused and my apartment quit. Even my German residence is deregistered. journey startsIt’s a very strange feeling to have no apartment key and no residency anymore. I had a flat key all my life. You certainly too. Such a key is an almost self-evident object whose value I was not aware of before. Now, a bit of emptiness is spreading inside me, since I handed it over. At the same time, it is an incredible feeling of freedom. I have only a few material possessions left that bind me. I am free, especially of material bonds. Contrary to this, I am rich in personal connections to wonderful people. Especially in the last weeks before my departure, I noticed more and more how much relationships changed. Probably because transience was consciously felt. Before I left I tried even more to live the moment and to be even more cordial with everyone. It was a give and take, a togetherness that kept my heart alive. I’m honestly amazed by the intense, impressive encounters and conversations I had during that time. I am grateful for each and every one of these experiences. First of all, I have much to process and to reflect now. The question automatically arose in me why we do not always treat each other like that. Honest and direct communication would enrich our everyday lives so much, but often only such extreme situations are necessary to act in such behaviour and to promote warmth. I recently read a question that I would like to share with you:

“If a very important person would die. What would you regret not to have said to this person?”

A question that has kept my mind busy since reading. It has made my communication even more important. I recommend you to think about it too. Maybe it will help you to more intensive and open contact with your friends and family. I will now continue to sort out my impressions. I still have a bit time left before arriving in a new country and new culture. I’m curious what to expect. For sure, I will report on it.

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