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Can I save the world?

Who does not want to be a supermansuperhero? A magician, a fairy, a hero with magical abilities or superpowers to put an end to all the bad and evil in the world. With just a snap of the finger, we could banish all the plastic in the world. Clean up the seas and make sure that all people on this earth live a sustainable lifestyle. A wonderful idea, isn’t it? You probably know as well as I do that, unfortunately, it will never be that easy. Anyhow, how much difference can we really make?

How much influence does each single one of us have?

My answer may surprise you, but I am firmly convinced that it is more than we often realize. You don’t have to be a superhero to save the world. You also don’t need to be a politician, a world-famous actor, a musician or super-model who is followed by thousands of people each day. influenceIt doesn’t matter how many people you know and how big your influence actually is: You can make a difference. Too often I hear that the action of an individual makes no difference anyway. It’s already too late to stop climate change, they say. Yes, it might be true that we, unfortunately, can not stop species extinction and climate change anymore. Nevertheless, we still can slow it down. Just because everything is already down the drain does not mean that we have a free ticket to act completely ruthlessly. That’s my opinion. Personally, I could not sleep soundly at night if I knew I was destroying our environment for future generations, regardless of any losses. Of course, each one of us leaves an ecological footprint, but the question is how big is this footprint? In any case, I would like to give my children (and you as well as other divers and nature lovers) the opportunity to experience the (under) water world as I saw it. The impressive details of a reef that immediately capture your eyes. All the colourful fish, corals and creatures that can be observed. This diversity, over and under the surface is worth to be protected.

How much difference can you make as an individual?

As I said, in my opinion, a lot. BedifferentEveryone can be a role model. Not only does it give you a good feeling, but it also motivates others to follow your actions. Often there is a lack of information or practical and simple alternatives. Anyhow, by your actions, you can show others how easy it is to live more eco-friendly. I don’t mean you should go to anyone and try to convince him/her to change. In my opinion, it’s rather counterproductive. It’s enough that they see you doing it. Or that you tell them about it. I’ve experienced it several times myself that friends or family (who initially thought I was completely crazy) suddenly came to me after a few weeks telling me that they are now shopping much more consciously. They started to realize now how much plastic they actually buy every single week. From then on, I hear success stories again and again. They would now buy more lose fruit and vegetables. Or they started making household products themselves. And suddenly, friends of them started with it too when they heard about it. Only because I’ve tried to live more environmentally friendly. Without wanting to convert them. Cool, huh?

What responsibility do I have?

Of course, as a blogger, nature lover and marine conservationist, it’s especially important to me to help you along the way. Even though my blog is still growing, I am grateful for every single reader. As you have already read above, I am convinced that each one of us can make a difference. As a (travel) blogger, I also see my responsibility in sensitizing you a bit in this area, especially as the topics of travel and sustainability in combination often lead to huge discussions. How sustainable can travelling actually be? Should we not all stay at home? And so on. You may know such questions. But I think travelling also means growth – I would not want to live without it myself. Anyhow, we still should not lose sight of certain sustainability while travelling in order to preserve cultures and places. To inspire others or to inspire ourselves while we’re there. Just because we are in another place, in another country, does not mean we have to throw habits overboard. Even there we can try to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible. How? Have a look for example in my 10 tips or the 10 tips for advanced. Many tricks of it can be also applied abroad. Additionally, you can find here an article about 10 sustainable travel items you also should take with you.

Don’t EffectOthersforget: Every single one of us can make a difference. A small pebble can start an avalanche. With you as a starting point, we can all save the world together. 

What do you think? Do you share my opinion? Or do you think everything is already lost and an individual cannot change anything?

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